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Senior VP Becky Gibbs Predicts the Future of Technology  - 12/1/2003

While at COVITS this year, Virtual IT Senior VP Becky Gibbs, among others, was asked to give feedback on aspects of technology to watch. The future of technology is a wide and open arena. Read this article to learn what the experts suggest watching.

Becky Gibbs Press Release

AREVA NP, Inc. applies IT Strategies to Support Growth - 10/23/2003

The Information Systems department at AREVA NP, Inc., formerly Framatome ANP, was experiencing too much of a good thing. They had almost tripled revenues over a two and a half year period, through a combination of sales growth, acquisitions and joint ventures. While the success was welcomed, Information Systems was feeling the pressure from both internal and external customers. Read more in the article.


Blue Ridge Region Governments Preparing for Cutting Edge Service Delivery  - 8/3/2003

Strategic planning initiatives set the stage for local governments to accommodate future technologies and improve current services.  Read more in the article.

Contract Awards Whitepaper

Franklin County Government Rides the Wave of the Future - 6/1/2003

The citizens of Franklin County, Virginia can look forward to a brave new world of access to local government information and services, thanks to a comprehensive technology plan implemented by the county.  Read more in the article.

Franklin County Strategic Plan 2003

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