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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence - A Roadmap for Success - 3/1/2013

Introducing Virtual IT's Data Analytics Planning and Data Governance Framework

Like most organizations today, you recognize information as a strategic asset and want to ensure you are deriving the insights and value your stakeholders need from the data you have under management. With so much buzz and hype around data analytics, business intelligence and big data, how can you take advantage of emerging trends, new technologies and best practices, in a way that maximizes the value of your data analytics investment?

Virtual IT has a process to help you answer this question and establish a roadmap for the future. Our data analytics planning framework aligns your organization's need for retrospective, real-time and predictive insights with a delivery capability and technology architecture that makes sense. The go-forward strategy is aligned to a Governance Framework to ensure the data management and the data analytics competency is governed appropriately. If you need expert data analysts to aid in your analysis, we can provide support for that too.

Ready to make a move into business intelligence and data analytics and do it effectively? Then reach out to us, we can help guide you to the right answers, quickly.

VIT To Provide Support for B&W's mPower Small Modular Reactors Program - 3/1/2013

B&W is actively designing, testing, and licensing the mPower Small Modular Reactor (SMR) and believes that Virtual IT will be instrumental in supporting B&W for successful deployment of this future energy source.  B&W in preparing its proposal in response to DOE’s recent Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the advancement of SMR technology,  recognized Virtual IT as part of the mPower supply base.


Virtual IT looks forward to continuing its long standing relationship with B&W providing consulting and engineering services in support of mPower's mission to design, test and license the SMR.

A Framework for Measuring and Improving Organizational Performance - 3/1/2013

Join us at the Region 2000 Wired Wednesday in October when Juliet Silver, President of Virtual IT will be discussing a framework for performance management and measurement as methods of improved organizational performance.

Venue and registration details to follow.

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