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  Client Successes

Virtual IT’s clients are the foundation of our firm's success. Our ability to work together to achieve strategic goals and objectives is the measure of our accomplishment.

Our clients’ success stories demonstrate how Virtual IT in combination with client teams has achieved great results. We are grateful to those clients who have allowed us to publish details about their specific projects in this section of our website.

We have many clients both public and private that for reasons of national security or competitive advantage choose not to make their project information public.  We respect their desire for confidentiality, and specific client name and project name references and details are excluded from publication as a result.


“McDermott International, Inc. is a leading engineering and construction company, with specialty manufacturing and service capabilities.  The Company provides its services to a variety of customers in the energy and power industries, including the U.S. Government.  McDermott operates in 23 countries and has over 20,000 employees.  As the CIO for McDermott, I have global responsibility for executing information technology strategy and projects that meet the needs of our organization and provides my business partners with the competitive advantage they need.  We depend on partners like Virtual IT as they are a dependable and trustworthy organization particularly for projects that are high visibility, highly complex or represent the potential for risk to the organization.  Virtual IT provides top-quality subject matter experts in the areas of Project Management, Cyber Security, Business Analysis, Systems Planning and Integration Activities.  In these areas, Virtual IT is our go-to partner.”    
John Knowles, McDermott International, Inc.

“We primarily wanted to benchmark ourselves to the outside world.  Virtual IT comes at it from a management perspective, especially with regard to planning.  They set the requirements for the enterprise architecture and the necessary personnel.  With their assistance, we had access to best practices without our having to do the research – they solved a critical time problem for us.”
Bob Kibler, AREVA NP, Inc.

“We have unique needs, and I always look for that kind of experience in any vendor’s work history.  Knowing that they have worked with my peers…as references has value to me.  [Virtual IT’s] strengths are in strategic planning, technical architecture planning, and security-related disciplines, including disaster recovery planning.”  
Mike Goetz, City of Lynchburg

 “[Virtual IT’s mentoring program] saved several months of stumbling around in the dark and gave us the confidence to move ahead.”
Kevin Collie, The Branch Group, Inc.

“[Virtual IT] provided the information necessary to support the platform and database choices we wanted to make as well as the direction we wanted to set…We now have a direction and are making decisions that support that direction.  This makes day-to-day life easier.”
Elaine Carver, County of Roanoke





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