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  Cloud Computing - Franklin County (Rocky Mount, VA)

The last registration date for this event has passed.

Date and Time: 2/17/2011 1:00 PM
Location: Franklin County
Government Center
Room B75 – training room
1255 Franklin Street
Rocky Mount, VA 24151
Last Registration Date: 2/17/2011





Cloud Computing




Starting in October 2010, Virtual IT has been delivering a two-hour Knowledge Session aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of Cloud Computing solutions relevant to local government.  

This session will be offered in the following regions:
Central VA, Northern VA, Southwestern VA, and Virginia Beach / Tidewater.



Session Details





Thursday, February 17, 2011 | 1PM-3PM |Rocky Mount, VA (Franklin County)


REGISTRATION:   /eventlisting.aspx

Join Virtual IT for this informative Knowledge Session led by
Ranny Grubb, Chief Technology Officer for Virtual IT.



1.)    Defining "Cloud Services/Computing"

2.)   Applying Cloud Services/Computing in Your Environment: Real Life Scenarios

3.)   The Cloud Model:  Financial Analysis and Comparison

4.)   Microsoft Business Productivity Suite Introduction



        Live Meeting


        Types of Licensing

        "Best Fit" Characteristics

5.)   Question & Answer

At the end of this Knowledge Session participants will:

·     Understand the value and business case for Cloud Services and Computing

·     Know the key advantages / disadvantages of internal hosting vs. Cloud solutions

·     Understand where Cloud Computing best fits within the local government systems portfolio

·     Understand Microsoft’s Business Productivity Suite and the application in local government

Join us to learn how Cloud Computing can help transform your organization!


Contact:  Alice Higgins at (540) 345-6100 x205 or


Virtual IT – Technology Consultants to Local Government







If anyone not registered will be accompanying you, please e-mail me their name, title and e-mail address.  There are still a few open seats remaining.


Please find directions and maps below courtesy of Amanda Carter at Franklin County (Thank you Amanda!)


If you need to reach someone regarding directions, please call (P#) 540-483-3030, and either Amanda Carter or Connie Stanley can assist you.


Directions from Martinsville:

Start out going EAST on W CHURCH ST toward BRIDGE ST.  (go 0.1 miles)

Take the 1st LEFT onto WALL ST.  (go 0.05 miles) (If you are on E CHURCH ST and reach WALNUT ST you've gone a little too far)

WALL ST becomes JONES ST.  (go 0.11 miles)

Turn LEFT onto LIBERTY ST.  (go 0.18 miles)

Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto VA-457 W/W COMMONWEALTH BLVD. Continue to follow W COMMONWEALTH BLVD.  (go 1.4 miles) -(W COMMONWEALTH BLVD is just past N MOSS ST)

Turn RIGHT onto VIRGINIA AVE/US-220-BR N.  (go 3.93 miles) - (VIRGINIA AVE is 0.1 miles past V C DR)

Merge onto US-220 N toward ROANOKE.  (go 18.14 miles)

Merge onto US-220-BR N toward VA-F-614/ROCKY MOUNT.  (go 2.35 miles)

Turn LEFT onto OLD FURNACE RD.  (go 0.29 miles)  (OLD FURNACE RD is just past COBB RD)

OLD FURNACE RD becomes FAIRLAWN DR.  (go 0.28 miles)

Turn LEFT onto FRANKLIN ST/VA-40.  (go 0.41 miles)   (If you are on DENT ST and reach WILSON ST you've gone about 0.1 miles too far)

1255 FRANKLIN ST is on the LEFT.

      - Your destination is just past HATCHER ST

      - If you are on VA-40 and reach MOUNTAIN TOP DR you've gone a little too far

  (go 0 miles)


Directions from Roanoke:

Merge onto 220S   (21.2MILES)

Merge onto 220BR- towards ROCKY MOUNT/INDUSTRIAL PARK            (2.1MILES)

Turn RIGHT onto FRANKLIN ST/VA-40          (.4 MILES : If you reach PELL AVE NE you’ve gone a little too far)

Turn SLIGHT LEFT to stay on FRANKLIN ST/VA-40 (Just past W CHURCH ST)

1255 is on your LEFT (large brick building with white columns on the front)


Directions from Danville:

Merge onto US-29 towards LYNCHBURG        (27.8MILES)

Take VA-40 ramp towards GRETNA/ROCKY MOUNT           (.2MILES)

Take a LEFT onto VADEN DR. continue to follow VA-40        (30.7MILES: If you reach US-29 you’ve gone about .1 miles too far)

Turn a SLIGHT RIGHT onto PELL AVE. NE/VA-40    (.3MILES : PELL AVE is just past PERDUE LN)

Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST/US 220BR/VA-40             (.3MILES)

Take the 1ST LEFT onto FRANKLIN ST/VA-40             (.4MILES: If you reach STATE ST. you’ve gone a little too far)

Turn SLIGHT LEFT to stay on FRANKLIN ST/VA-40 (Just past W CHURCH ST)

1255 is on your LEFT (large brick building with white columns on the front)


Directions from NC:

US-220N becomes THOMAS A. BURTON HWY (crossing into VA)   (5.2MILES)


Merge onto US-220N toward ROANOKE          (29.8MILES)

Merge onto US-220-BR N toward VA-F-614/ROCKY MOUNT           (2.4MILES)



Turn LEFT onto FRANKLIN ST/VA-40             (.4MILES)

 1255 is on your LEFT (large brick building with white columns on the front)








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